If the intelligence, discipline, and hard work that Colbert invested in The Character can be brought to bear on revitalizing the variety show, then the polity’s loss may turn out to be the culture’s gain. If Colbert can truly reinvent the genre, if he has the freedom and the inclination to blow it up and build on the rubble, then perhaps The Character will not have died in vain.

Hendrik Hertzberg on the end of “Stephen Colbert,” the faux-conservative pundit: http://nyr.kr/Q5cyW6 (via newyorker)

this is similar to the narrow-minded premise it met when the character’s original life span was questioned. the potential of a unique genius is often under-rated.

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The #NotaBugSplat Art Piece in Pakistan Won’t Be Making Drone Pilots Feel Empathy

Earlier today, many publications, including VICE News, started reporting on a large art display in Northern Pakistan. Photos depict an open field or a rural farm on which a giant portrait of a young girl has been unraveled. It’s part of a project called #NotABugSplat.

Saks Afridi, the online PR rep for the project, says “for now, we’re an artist collective from Pakistan, USA, and France.” He won’t divulge precisely who else is involved for the time being. The French component, however, is reported to have been JR, who you may know from his sweet, humanity-affirming art, or his downright saccharine TED Talk.

As The Verge observed, #NotABugSplat is meant to show people coming together to say, “We exist.” In short, it’s like Banksy meets Kony 2012: Straight-up, uncut internet heroin.


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Former President Jimmy Carter talks Ukraine, Israel and his Carter Center’s “crusade to protect women and girls.”




Video producer 1: “Why are we standing over here and not by your desk?”

Video producer 2: “We can’t eat in front of the live shot.”

Video producer 3: “Yeah, CSPAN’s called before and told us to get out of the shot.”

Wonder who inspired this one?

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Audio Highlight: Benjamin Wallace-Wells shares an anecdote from a prisoner who was in long-term solitary confinement.


Highly Education Countries Have Better Governments

Why? Citizens complain more, forcing officials to be more accountable.

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Fox’s Krauthammer Very Upset FCC Wants To Study Their Propaganda Channel

The Republicans are horribly upset about an FCC study — which the agency is required by law to conduct — that is “intended to examine barriers of entry into the news media industry for small businesses.” So naturally they’re screaming bloody murder, carping that… gasp!!!… it could lead to the return of the Fairness Doctrine. And of course the pundits at Fox like Charles Krauthammer are up in arms as well…

Krauthammer claimed that there’s plenty of diversity in the media, but failed to mention that fact that 90% of the media is now controlled by just six companies. Sorry Charles, but this isn’t my idea of a “diverse media.”

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I felt as if I’d been there for days.

Rick Raemisch, the new head of Colorado’s corrections department, spent 20 hours inside what the state calls Administrative Segregation – solitary confinement – to see what it was like.

Read his account in the New York Times. 

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