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Milton Glaser, the creator of the ‘I love NY’ logo, has a new project: 

It’s not warming

It’s dying 

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Every Sports Interview


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The question of Scottish independence inspired an impressive 10 million Facebook interactions between August 1st and September 8th.

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Neil Bush slams Georgia’s David Perdue - The Washington Post ›

David Perdue, the Republican running for Senate in Georgia, doesn’t seem too bothered that he’s upset a member of the Bush family. Neil Bush, son and brother of former Bush presidents, skewered Perdue on Tuesday after the Republican sealed a campaign endorsement from George H.W. Bush.
The younger Bush was responding to attacks by Perdue on Points of Light, the organization founded by Bush’s father and run for several years by Perdue’s Democratic opponent, ­Michelle Nunn. Bush gave an angry interview to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution demanding that Perdue renounce a TV ad that accuses the group of funneling money to terrorists.
“To attack an organization founded by my father, whose integrity is unimpeachable, to smear our organization for political gain, is in my opinion shameful,” Bush said.

From Golden Retrievers to 'Grand Theft Auto' -- 10 exports you didn't know were Scottish | PBS NewsHour ›

nationaljournalThis is Scotland’s secession ballot. 

The Scots


Digital advertising: Tracking the trackers

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They want to sell off our land for drilling, mining, and logging.